Netflix’s Reboot: The Guardian Code TV Series Debuts Trailer #1

When I found this news, I genuinely thought “My God…they are now making a film about reboots! What has happened?”. Somehow…it’s not that bad yet as the “Reboot” referred to in the title is actually the 1990’s CGI show ReBoot that dealt with the lives of digital beings who lived within a self-contained digital world and fought programs launched by unseen human users. They would even get trapped inside video games during these adventures!

And now, a spiritual successor to it, titled Reboot: The Guardian Code is hitting Netflix on March 30th worldwide, with Canada the exception as the show will be released there in June. The Guardian Code alters the set-up a little, instead being about four human teenagers becoming digitized and transported into Cyberspace to take on a merciless hacker known as Sourcerer who seeks to rule the world.

Because of this new set-up, the show will blend live-action scenes with CG animated scenes. The interesting part is the CG animated scenes will be produced in 4K using the Unreal game engine…an well-noted VIDEO GAME engine. This first time use of the engine for a TV series to build animation will allow the designs to fit the video game setting better in look. So, if anything, it will be a show that will feel immersive. As a sample of this look, check out the new trailer for the show below:


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