Mission: Impossible – Fallout Finally Wraps Production

Tom Cruise may yet top his incredible stunts in the upcoming film Mission: Impossible – Fallout, but it came at great cost. Due to Cruise’s ankle injury from the noted helicopter stunt, and the physicality that his lead role required, production was shut down for almost two months and this led to a seriously stretched out production. Luckily, the film has managed to finally wrap, which director/writer Christopher McQuarrie gladly celebrated today on his Instagram while taking stock of the challenges, setbacks, and ambitions the film overcame:

Mission: Impossible – Fallout co-stars Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Michelle Monaghan, Alec Baldwin, Sean Harris, Henry Cavill, Vanessa Kirby, Sian Brooke, and Angela Bassett. It is set to hit theaters July 27, 2018.


2 thoughts on “Mission: Impossible – Fallout Finally Wraps Production

  1. 4 months is not a lot of time to complete all of the post-production work, unless like half of it was done when lil Tommy was on the mend for what he already filmed.

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    1. My guess is that’s exactly what was happening. McQuarrie seems like a very efficient director. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had already begun post-production on what was film, further planned what he needed to film. I think this movie will come along fine and on time. 🙂


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